Handmade using scraps of denim from other Redefined Goods products. Get this cute bucket hat assembled from pieces of scrap fabric and help prevent textile waste from reaching the landfill! Here at Redefined Goods, it is our goal to continuously find new and creative ways to minimize our waste while at the same time providing you all with unique products. Components of bucket hats are cut with care to minimize wasted fabric. All fabric scraps (of the fabric scraps) are upcycled into pillow filling. We love a circular economy!



Purchasing this item will get you a random denim bucket hat! Each hat varies slightly in color and patchwork, but they are all made out of recycled denim and lined with 100% cotton!


recycled denim bucket hat

  • Exterior Fabric: Denim scraps, various colors

    Interior Fabric: 100% cotton, upcycled fabric (it used to be a bedsheet!)

    Circumference: 57cm

    Depth: 9cm