Handmade tote bags created with used burlap coffee bags from Opus Coffee, a local coffee shop and roaster in Gainesville, Florida. They receive raw coffee beans from all over the world in these burlap bags, but were unsure of what to do with the used ones. Luckily the people at Opus Coffee always saw their potential and opted to save them instead of just throw them away! We reached out to them with the idea to repurpose these burlap sacks into totes and they jumped at the idea. We’re so excited to bring you these unique totes!


In addition to the burlap sacks, we use a variety of secondhand textiles like clothing and household fabrics to create our products. 


Coffee tote

SKU: 4042
  • Body - 13” long, 16” tall, 3” wide

    Interior pocket - 8” long x 5.5” tall

    Strap - 30” long

    ** These are all approximate measurements, there may be some variance due to the fact that we would rather use up as much of our materials as possible and create a slightly larger/smaller product than have to create waste :)